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Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Your purchase of ColiGlow water testing kits can enable more frequent water testing and citizen engagement with their own water sources in low-resource settings in Appalachia and abroad. 10% of sales will fund kits to go to organizations in Western Kenya and low-resource community groups focused on drinking water quality in Eastern Kentucky.

Great for Watershed Monitoring Groups

The E. coli results obtained are more affordable for your volunteers to get. Your volunteers can get results in their own homes. No labs are required and no expensive machinery is needed. In addition, the results are highly visual which inspires learning and engagement.


Great for Teachers
Students can collect their own water samples and bring them to class or classes can collect water samples near their school. ColiGlow can be used in the classroom to teach environmental science, microbiology, and even support students with science fair projects with results comparable to gold standard methods.

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Stay Tuned

ColiGlow is a brand new product of Eastern Scientific. Since the launch in February 2021, we have developed a novel test for antibiotic resistance determination from water too. More information will be coming soon and feel free to reach out to us by phone at 513-317-9508. Feel free to call us and we can even provide training for educators, citizen groups, and interested persons.

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