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Fist Pound

ColiGlow welcomes partnership inquiries. We welcome working with NGOs sharing our desire for more communities around the world to have their local and timely testing needs met for their boreholes, wells, treatment plants, natural springs, cisterns and more. Our already viable product has the potential to be scalable, sustainable, and do so in a fair way. Expertise in supply chains, marketing, and investment is welcome. The technology has had a provisional patent filing (Feb. 2020) and a PCT application filing (Feb. 2021). 


If your organization is wrestling with using expensive tray sealers, lugging around heavy equipment, or unsatisfied with having "the lab" do your E. coli testing, then we can provide you with affordable solutions and comparable (and even more colorful) results by bringing the lab to each person. We welcome working with community science groups and can provide simple online or in-person training to your group as well as technical guides and factsheets.



Are you a teacher or student wanting to do a science fair project? We would love to hear from you in regards to what you may need from us. Our kits can enhance your classroom experience and we can give plenty of support so you can easily and safely carry out this simple yet scientifically defensible test for fecal indicator bacteria (E. coli) in your water samples.


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