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We can sell educators, citizen science, and homeowners kits that include the required UV lamp (batteries included) and UV protective glasses or goggles. If users already have existing longwave UV lamps from other testing products, those products can be re-used with the ColiGlow kit. We can customize the kit to your needs. We can also include multi-channel pipettes with tips for increased accuracy.


Longwave UV Lamp

Given our strong familiarity with the UV longwave market, we can provide you the best value longwave UV lamps as part of the kits. We are exploring UV partners; however, any longwave UV lamp would work for viewing your colorful results for when E. coli are present.


UV Eye Protection

The kits provide affordable ANSI-approved, UL certified, protective eyewear for viewing the results under the UV lamp. UV eye protection is emphasized as UV light can be harmful to our eyes.


Individual Kits

If you have everything you need but just need the plates and the media, we are happy to provide the media and plates on a cost per unit basis. Contact us for pricing. Discounts are applied to users in Central Appalachia. 10% of all sales will fund supplies for testing water in Eastern Kentucky and/or Western Kenya.

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